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Sensible Cyber-Security

The Cyber-security hype may easily drag an organization into enormous security investments and productivity degradation.


We in CyCloak believe that the “holy grail” of organizational Cyber-security is the delicate balance between the pressing business goals and the constantly growing security demands.


We specialize in the design and implementation of organization-oriented Cyber-security strategy. We combine OT and IT security expertise, deep business understanding and cyber intelligence which yield a unique offering.


Our customers enjoy the benefits of sensible cyber-security, that protects their infrastructure and their business from attacks while effectively pursuing their business goals.

Our Servuces
  • Cyber risk assessment

  • Penetration testing

  • Cyber-security strategy

  • Business continuity infrastructure

  • Compliance

  • Emergency planning

  • Training and qualifications

  • Secure systems design

  • Proactive cyber intelligence

  • Forensics and response teams

  • Security audits and surveys

  • Ongoing security update and upgrade


CyCloak is a private cyber security company, specializing in building organizational cyber-readiness, attaining the delicate balance between business and security needs.

The company is led by an industry veteran, a Ph.D. researcher and lecturer from the Cyber Security Center of the Technion, focusing on SCADA security and trusted execution environments.

CyCloak consists of an experienced team of cyber security professionals, including IT and OT security specialists, security architects, penetration testers, forensic researchers, cyber intelligence analysts and risk management experts.

Abot Cycloak
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