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Building Nationwide Cyber Readiness

Internet, eCommerce and the always on, boarder-less communication have brought with them migration of critical business process and data from the physical world, to the virtual cyber space, with cyber-attacks immediately following them.

Many of the organizational assets in any hotel chain are virtual and controlled by software, including reservations, check-in, check-out, inventory, food and beverages and even room keys. Creating a possible situation where a sophisticated malicious attacker can write a dedicated program that simultaneously paralyzes all the reception process in the large hotel chain or steals guest details and sells them to 3rd parties. The impact to the business might be catastrophic.  Hotel chains must also re-align the security policies and architecture with the soon to be enforced new GDPR EU regulation, which requires the hotel to provide guests with control of their personal data and protect it. Failure to comply might result in significant fines.

CyCloak created a unique and innovative three stage process, whose goal is to sustainably decrease the risk the organization’s business due to Cyber-attacks and build compliance with relevant regulations.

Moreover, rapid deployment of the Internet of Things, with vehicles, smart meters, transportation control and smart cities deems almost.

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