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Why Choose CyCloak

Business Focus

Our goal is to create the “right equilibrium” between the customer and its sectorial requirements, policies, regulations threats and available technologies. We achieve this goal, by delivering scalable, cost-effective, tailored solutions that meet operational needs and budget requirements at all scales.

Solution Portfolio

The company has developed a global network of trusted and reputable partners.

We bring together industry leaders in technology, security and project integration to ensure successful delivery of complex large-scale security projects.

Our   portfolio   focuses on building a Cyber Security Suite tailored to the customer’s needs based on our unique asset-based risk assessment and our Intelligence solutions

Key Strengths


Successful track record in management and delivery of large scale security and intelligence projects on time and within budget.

Proven Track Record:

Proven ability to identify and deploy the right technology, for the right job at the right price.

Intimate customer relationships: Deep understanding of cyber challenges in the context of organization, technology and people.

Hands-on approach:

Based on decades of experience. 

ROI Focus: Our focus on the customer’s assets identification enables cost-effective cyber risks management.

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